Superior Portfolio Management Services for Cleveland Rental Property Owners

Ever wish you could find a reliable rental property management service which simply converted your real property assets into consistent cash flow, while growing your wealth, so you could get on with doing what you love most?

You’ve just found it.


The Tailor Made Portfolio Management Service for Investors

Having consulted and coached thousands of property investors for over two decades, 5 Points’ elite board of real estate investment advisors recognized a gaping void in the market. Behind the promises by endless firms investors have consistently lacked a cost effective, full service property management service and partner who is truly invested in their success.

So 5 Points Property Management was born as the solution.

We put skin in the game!

5 Points rental property management team doesn’t just understand investors’ needs and desires. Our commitment to superior asset management goes beyond synergy or alignment. We’re invested in your success.

Simply put - If your properties aren’t generating returns we don’t get paid


A Portfolio Management Model Molded in Your Favor

It’s easy to say we have your best interests at heart. So instead of just making promises, we created a model which is weighted in your favor.


5 Points system is designed to incentivize us to:

  • Eliminate vacancy
  • Maximize occupancy
  • Secure quality tenants
  • Create happy tenants
  • Reduce and buffer risk and liabilities
  • Streamline processes and maintain transparency
  • Preserve asset value, and constantly look for ways to increase it


5 Points Specializes in Asset Management for:

  • Single family rental home portfolios
  • 2-4 unit multifamily homes
  • Small to medium apartment buildings
  • Rental property portfolios in select areas of the City of Cleveland to the Cleveland suburbs


Perks of 5 Points as Your Property Portfolio Manager Include:

  1. Complete, turnkey, five-star service
  2. Asset management guided by the industry’s leading authorities on property investment
  3. A proactive, fast acting management team, with your investment as their #1 priority
  4. Cutting edge technology blended with proven techniques and best practices
  5. Alerts to opportunities to increase cap rates, asset value, and total returns


Whether you are just starting out in the income investment property sector or have 100+ property assets in your portfolio contact 5 Points today and experience the difference for yourself…